Saturday, November 19, 2005

Why elected leaders are like new fangled aircraft

I attended an airshow in Farnborough (near London) some time ago, and there was a mock cockpit of one of these new generation aircraft on display. As I waited in line for my turn to enter the cockpit, I overheard the conversation of a couple of elderly men and a boy walking past, after they had taken a look.

One of them said to the other, "It's like being in a video game. I just can't relate to it. Remember all the dial and knobs in our days!" The other responded, "That's so true....but did you notice my grandson here...he just hopped into the cockpit and looked at home immediately! It's obviously because of all the video games he's playing!."

The point is, one reason that we don't imbibe the concept of having elected leaders at work is that our generation (anyone who's already in the workforce) hasn't had exposure to it. Hence, like the older pilots, we don't know what it looks like and feels like. So we're very uncomfortable with it. Once we introduce the concept of genuine leadership at the workplace, we may continue to feel uncomfortable, but the next generation will take to it the same way the grandson took to the 'video-game' cockpit.

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