Monday, May 18, 2015

Whistleblower in the UK navy - story in the Independent

Here's a story about an apparent whistleblower in the UK navy, published in the Independent newspaper:

According to the whistleblower, submariner William McNeilly, the Trident nuclear submarines are vulnerable to terrorist attacks because of poor security and general inadequacy. Of course, the Royal Navy is investigating all this. 

The article quotes Mr McNeilly as saying that he went public with his allegations only after he “raised concerns through the chain of command on multiple occasions” without success.  

One thing I've seen, in virtually all whistleblower cases, is that the whistleblower always tries to go through the "chain of command" first. This rarely works because the chain of command is a dictatorship which, by its very nature, seeks to shut down bad news and eliminate the messenger. 

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