Thursday, November 02, 2006

Announcing: A Little Book of f-Laws: 13 Common Sins of Management

A Little Book of f-Laws: 13 Common Sins of Management by Russell Ackoff, Herbert Addison & Sally Bibb (published 9 November 2006).

Witty, ironic and deliciously un-PC, f-Laws are the hard truths about office life we'd rather ignore. Devised by Wharton emeritus professor Russell Ackoff, now in his 80s, A Little Book of f-Laws both challenges and confirms the orthodoxy of current management thinking. It will strike a chord with anyone who has ever worked in an organisation – whether it is an office, church, school or prison! Crucially, it asks: can management and employees ever work together in harmony to create the mythical 'best organisation'? Or is your office 'The Office'?

In response, award-winning writer and senior executive at the Economist group, Sally Bibb gives her own choice observations on life in the modern organisation. The result is a concise and engaged dialogue between three of the most original thinkers in business today across two generations, two continents and the two sexes.

f-Law: A bureaucrat is one who has the power to say 'no' but none to say 'yes'.

A Little Book of F-Laws: 13 Common Sins of Management is a teaser for the forthcoming Management F-Laws: How organisations really work, which comprises more than 70 f-Laws (published by Triarchy Press on 24 January 2007).

You can read the Little Book of F-Laws e-book at the preview site The main site,, goes live on publication day, 9th November. If you like the book, please feel free to put a link to the e-book on your site.